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Follow-Up on my Last Post: Destination360

I got an email from Destination360, with more details about the writing position they are trying to fill. Thought I would post it here for anyone who is interested.

At this point I feel its best to provide more details about the job so as to gauge your interest. To give you a little background our site, Destination360 has been online for about 5 years slowly building to the point it’s at today. This is a startup venture backed by a successful interactive media company http://www.studio360.com <http://www.studio360.com/> . Each guide contains approx 40-60 articles of approximately 400-600 words. As you will see the style of writing isn't what I'd call lonely planet quality or one of the other brand name travel guides but more an emphasis on search engine keywords and providing basic content for the traveler.

While I would like to step up of quality of writing, our emphasis needs to be on proper search engine keywords that will drive traffic to our site, the ability to produce a lot of articles, and someone who can be not only be a writer but get eventually get involved in other aspects of working with site development.

Our current writer has been charging a rate of 10 per article. My long term goal with is to have someone that can not only produce articles but can work on the bigger picture of the site. Working with web developer and marketing person to seek out new markets and take the site to the next level of success. At that point there may be a need for contract writers and someone to manage them.

I know this will not appeal to everyone so please if this doesn't sound like your kind of gig there’s no need to reply.

The pay seems awfully low to me. I mean, I have worked for that (and less), but I'm really trying to get myself out of the rut where I'm doing jobs for that kind of pay. I was told by an editor previously that I do a very good job of writing Lonely Planet style stuff, so why not go for the bigger markets? But if this sounds like your thing, go ahead and apply. Good luck!
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